Hollywood Bad Boys who Turned Out to be Great Dads

Most girls just want to be with a nice and kind guy who’ll love them truly and deeply. However, most girls also fall for the bad boy type, the ones who grow the day-old stubble, the ones who drive at dangerous speeds, the ones with the devilish glints in their eyes, the ones who never seem to call back. Though Barney Stinson may be the perfect picture for the on-screen bad boy, there are real men in Hollywood who take their roles as impetuous lovers too seriously. However, there comes a time when the womanizing and partying abates and they settle down to spend time with a warm bundle of joy. Read on to see how notorious bad boys Collin Farrell and Johnny Depp exchanged partying till sun up with cradling a baby in the wee hours of the morning.

Collin Farrell

With his quintessential Irish charm combined with a handsome ruggedness, Collin Farrell baited many girls in his party-going days. He’s met a lot of success with his acting pursuits, gaining awards and distincitons for his ability to portray each character assigned to him with such candor and life. Outside the silverscreen, women can’t seem to move away from him despite his rumored hot-temperedness and a quick tongue for profanity, even Britney Spears was hooked (but then again, that’s Britney). After years of spending many nights with many different women, Farrell cooled down when his son James was born in 2003. Farrell has stated that he’s never been in love with anybody else as he was with his son. Since his son’s diagnosis of angelman’s syndrome, Farrell has been approached by organizations who want him to be their spokesperson. However, he declined, saying that though he wants to spread awareness and find a treatment for the condition, his first and foremost responsibility is to his son as a father.

Johnny Depp

Quirky, handsome, and dashing may just be a few of the adjectives that could describe Johnny Depp but this actor is also notorious for being a ladies’ man in Hollywood. Having dated Winona Ryder and Kate Moss, he’s said to have more ex-fiancees than any guy. However, upon meeting current girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, he seems to have quieted in his ways. After ten years and two kids, Depp seems to have been tamed from his wild partying days. Rumors of the two getting married are circulating but Depp has been heard saying that if Vaness wanted or the kids wanted them to get married, they will.

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