Essentials for Camping With Your Dog

man sits in tent with yellow labrador dog in foreground

The great outdoors! In Canada we are blessed to have an abundance of breathtaking areas in which we can hike, canoe, and, of course, go camping!

And while you are out enjoying this amazing experience, why leave your dog at home? Dogs love the outdoors and are the perfect companion when it comes to camping.

However, planning a camping trip with your pooch requires that you bring along some essentials.

Before you take off with your dog for a camping adventure, be sure that you pack the following items:

First Aid Kit

When you’re going on a camping trip, it’s important to pack a first aid kit – for both yourself and your pooch.

While a human first aid kit may do in a pinch, you should consider bringing along one that has pet-specific equipment such as paw balm, digital thermometer (ear or rectal), saline eyewash, bandages, wound care items, and a muzzle to prevent biting during treatment.

You can purchase a pet first aid kit or put one together yourself.

I.D. Tags

When you are camping with your dog, having an I.D. tag on their collar or harness is a must in case they take off or get lost.

To be extra safe, you should also carry along a current copy of their vaccine records. You can also visit your vet to have your dog microchipped with your current contact information.

Safety Light or Bell

To prevent the panic of having your dog go missing during your camping trip, equip their collar with a safety light or bell.

Safety lights are small weatherproof lights that clip onto the collar so you can keep track of your pup during the night or gloomy weather.

Depending on where you’re camping, you may come across some wildlife. Attaching a small bell to your dog’s collar will help alert wild animals of your presence and keep them away.

Food and Treats

Of course, you’re going to want to pack some food for the trip – just make sure you store it properly and bring plenty along.

You’ll also want to bring treats to encourage and reward good behavior.

Leash and Harness

To keep your dog safe during your camping trip, pack two leashes and a harness. You never know when you may need an extra leash and you can attach them together to give your pup more freedom in the great outdoors.

Look for leashes and harnesses that are bright and reflective so that your dog is easy to see.

When it comes to harnesses, grab one that has a quick access handle so you can grab them quickly if needed – and without crushing their windpipe.

Dog Toys

white dog playing with ball in the grass

While camping is a fun and exciting adventure, there will be some downtime in which you and your pooch may get bored.

When you’re packing up books and board games to occupy your time, don’t forget to bring along some of your dog’s favorite toys.

Consider buying puzzle toys you can hide treats in that will mentally stimulate them. This will give them an opportunity to calm down and entertain themselves.

Insulated Dish

When you’re camping in the summertime, you want to make sure your pooch stays well hydrated in the hot weather.

Along with packing plenty of water, keep your dog’s water cool with an insulated dish. This will help them regulate their temperature so they can enjoy their camping trip!

Dog Bed

Unless you’re okay with your pup hogging your air mattress, be sure to get them their own bed. You don’t want your dog spending their nights on the cold, hard ground.

Look for dog beds that are easy to clean, lightweight, and water-resistant. Bonus if they roll into a compact size.

Bug Repellant

Dogs are not immune to blood-sucking pests during the summertime. Depending on where you plan on camping, and during what time of year, it is best to pack some bug repellant.

Look for repellants that deal with mosquitos and fleas – and especially those that repel ticks. Ticks are difficult to remove and can cause Lyme disease in both humans and dogs.

Poop Bags

Lastly, you’re going to have to deal with your dog’s business while you are camping. Even though you and your pooch are in the great outdoors, you don’t want to leave their feces near bodies of water or high-traffic areas.

Be sure to bring along some poop bags.

Enjoy Camping With Your Dog!

Be sure to make the most out of your camping experience with your dog by packing the essentials!

This way, you know you’ll have an amazing adventure without any mishaps.

Do you take your dog camping? What do you bring along? Let us know in the comments!

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