Who’s the Most Bootylicious? Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez?

Ah, the age-old question, are guys more into boobs or booties? To be fair, it’s probably a 50-50 ratio. But there are just some stars that carry a certain appeal that goes beyond their bust-line and behind. If being booty-licious used to mean having that perfectly round butt you can rest a beer bottom on, nowadays it’s evolved into something more like the x-factor that makes some stars more sexually appealing than others. Is it the curve of her hips, the way her hair tumbles down her back, or the fullness of her lips? Perhaps, you need to look down and see the behind to know for sure what makes Hollywood stars sizzle. Let’s take a look at two stars who seem to have equal booty-liciousness: Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.

What Kim Kardashian has that Jennifer Lopez doesn’t have

Kim Kardashian is all lips and curves. The moment she opens her mouth, you are stunned into submission. It’s interesting how this lesser star’s career skyrocketed after her sex tape. Couple this with various heart-wrenching tearful interviews on television, and there you have it, a hot chick getting everyone’s pity after making amends. The thing with Kim Kardashian is she can neither act nor sing. Her only weapon seems to be the swagger of her behind and a flip of her long tousled curls. She neither makes us laugh nor cry, and all she has is a reality TV show to put her to fame. She can just shut up and look cute if she wants.

What Jennifer Lopez has that Kim Kardashian doesn’t have

Jennifer Lopez is hot, though older than other booty-licious stars. During her heyday, she stunned the world with her dancing, and later on charmed audiences through her romantic comedy role in “Monster-in-Law” and lead in “Maid in Manhattan.” The well-insured butt is still very much present and is still oozing with sex appeal, though it’s the allure of youthfulness that also adds to being booty-licious. It doesn’t help that she got together with Ben Affleck, who’s boyishly cute but is not exactly a Hollywood hunk. Together, they’re more like an ad for Gap. Thankfully, she found herself a husband in Mark Anthony, who seem to share the same passion in Latin music and whose million-dollar music career seems to make the marriage work for long.

Looking at our inscrutable criteria, Kim Kardashian is the obvious winner. Too bad it wasn’t a contest on talent Jennifer.

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