Hollywood Celebrities Known for Their Diva Attitude

In exchange for the privacy, personal time, and living a normal life, celebrities can’t help but think the world owes them something. This, of course, doesn’t go for nice guys such as James Denton who queues up like everybody else and doesn’t expect any special treatment in public places. Although there are many celebrities whose success haven’t bloated their minds into having a sense of entitlement, there still are stars running loose who make the craziest demands.

Eva Longoria

Those who have seen her in action can attest to Eva playing Gabriel Solis in “Desperate Housewives” as NOT acting. Eva reportedly made a scene in a restaurant parking lot when the parking attendant dared to ask for a parking fee. Well, how can someone who does a so-so job playing the same role in all her movies and graced many a tarpaulin be expected to pay for parking? On a separate occasion, sulking Longoria stormed out of a diner after being made to pay $17, saying that stars shouldn’t be made to pay. She’s all yours, Tony Parker.

Scarlett Johansson

She may have the star power to pull off selling a used tissue on eBay to raise funds for charity, but this one did not get away with demanding 20,000 euros for a hairdresser to tend to her locks for the 4-day Cannes festival. Unlike her agreeable co-stars who had no violent reactions to the first-rate accommodations that was close to the Cannes venue, Scarlett made a case for staying in a hotel miles away from the venue. Since none of these demands were met, she boycotted the festival and sulked back home.

Katherine Heigl

Perhaps the world will never forgive her for being stupid enough to kill “Denny” in Grey’s Anatomy. In real life, Katherine Heigl has made it to the black list of top stars people would hope never to work with. Although we don’t know whose list it is, it’s safe to assume she is not a favorite star. Aside from demanding crazy security like a whistle-blower of a mafia case, Heigl also kept her pregnant personal assistant running around, getting her Diet Cokes in between scenes, and refusing to talk to anyone. Directors and fellow cast members reportedly do not want to work with her again because of her unprofessionalism for things as simple as appearing in scheduled meetings.

Some may argue these things are a small price to pay for what these celebrities have to give up. But if that were true, then perhaps doctors who need to answer their phones even when making love should expect to be treated like kings and queens wherever they go.

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