Most Overrated Celebrities

There seems to be a formula for success to make it big in Hollywood. Pretty face plus not necessarily great bod but some skin slippage documented by tabloids and juicy scandal that allows for tearful confessions in Oprah is one of them. Being an heiress might also help. This is, of course, not to undermine the handful who have made it big through genuine talent and hard work as a celebrity. The rest seem to make a living out of appearing in supermarket tabloids. Switching on the telly these days makes it proof-positive that you can’t buy class. Here are some of the artists who make us wonder how they made it this far in Hollywood.

Britney Spears

The girl has a pretty face and can shake her booty pretty well. Outside of that, anyone can swing their blond hair around in crazy fashion while lip-synching. Her movie “Crossroads” gave some viewers a gag reflex with its overbearing high school drama and sickening soundtrack. Obviously, Britner Spears is no actrress. To survive the career dip, she goes and causes a ruckus by kissing Madonna in front of many. Combine this with other bad publcity she makes on a regular basis, and we forget she once was the sweet, fresh-faced singer behind the hit sensation “Lucky.”

Paris Hilton

Being an heiress carries enough weight for you to be some sort of celebrity, with people knowing that you can buy an island if you wanted to. However,there are many who still don’t understand Paris Hilton’s sudden upward spiral into personal television shows such as “A Simple Life,” song recordings like “Stars are Blind,” and her own perfume??? Granted, her sex tape got her enough media hype to last several lifetimes. Still, she can’t sing, cannot act, and is NOT so hot.

Lindsay Lohan

She showed promise when she was that adorable freckled kid in “Parent Trap” and lovable teen in “Freaky Friday.” But nowadays, we read all about her messy relationships, party-hardy ways, preference for going commando, and substance abuse. “Georgia Rule” probably portrays the true Lindsay Lohan the closest, but leads us to think the talent lies in the short skirt.

There is no accounting for good taste. Perhaps these chicks need to learn a lesson or two before they can generate more hype about their actual talent and abilities (which we have yet to see) than their attention-hungry personal lives.

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