Use Your Body Parts to Paint Masterpieces

As with the fashion industry, our fellow brethren in the art community always find ways to innovate and inspire that can incite reactions ranging from shock to acceptance in the form of a cult following. Today, artists who paint are no longer limited to the paintbrush as a tool. Good news for those with unsteady hands or no hands for that matter, the world is now paying big bucks for paintings done using various body parts—the nose, teeth, toes, breasts, buttocks, and yes, even other genitalia for the finer details. Some quadriplegic artists do it for lack of choice. Others are simply uninspired by paintbrushes and prefer more natural methods.

Artists who use body parts for painting

In India, Sachivalu Rambabu trains artists on painting with the nose. Over the past years, he has come up with portraits of the country’s president, other government officials, and some saints. He says the problem with nose-painting is that you are too close to the painting to see the whole picture. A ladies’ club in Darlington took their cue from Australian breast-print artist Di Peel by raising funds for charity by painting pictures of pandas using their breasts.

Another upcoming talent is English man Tim Patch, who transfers paint to the canvas using his penis. Each of his painting comes with a video to prove its authenticity. And of course, there’s the widely-publicized case of Stan Murmur, the art teacher from Virginia who got fired because of his unconventional second job—flower painting using his buttocks. You can view some of his works online.

Pointers on painting using body parts

Before dropping your pants, do take note of some guidelines to avoid hurting yourself, not because your painting sucks. Non-cosmetic paint can sting the body or cause allergic reactions especially if you have sensitive skin. Make sure your body is scrubbed clean. There’s nothing like bacteria growing a family in your box of paints. Do not, on any circumstance, swallow the paint. On the milder side, it’s been known to cause nausea and vomiting. On the worst case scenario, it can kill you.

If you can’t decide on which body part to go for, you can also use your whole body. Although it’s usually more visually appealing when it’s a woman’s body because their natural curves can create an amazing effect, this is also a great activity for couples who want another venue for their romp in the hay.

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