Does Sex Really Sell in Music and Films?

Food, shelter, sex. These three are the holy trinity to some who believe that these are the only things needed to survive. In fact, the third one, sex, has been used as a marketing ploy as far back as one can remember to get people to do anything. In the same manner that prostitutes used their bodies to earn money, sex is being used in advertisements, music, movies, books, and television, to make big bucks. Does sex sell? It apparently seems to.

Not-so-talented pop stars and celebrities who made it big

The media has been a great purveyor of ideals, but it also serves as a mirror that only reflects the society that pays attention to it. Across different countries, cultures, and customs, sex is a token or a ticket to success especially if you lack in some of the more important things. Tired of seeing the vampy undergrad get the position when there are other, more deserving MBA-endowed applicants? The same goes for the entertainment industry, where picture-perfect sirens get famous but lipsynch to the tunes sung by a more homely girl.

Sex appeal and star presence go hand-in-hand, something that Milli Vanilli exploited when they lipsynched to the vocals of Charles Shaw, John Davis, Brad Howell, and twin sisters Jodie and Linda Rocco, who weren’t visually marketable. Eventually, the ruse was uncovered when the tape skipped in one of their live performances.

Even the sudden rise in the interest in and album sales of classical music can be attributed to the likes of glamour girls such as Vanessa Mae and girl group Bond. No, their fans didn’t really want to enjoy a quiet night of classical music, but rather imagined these wild-haired and skimpy outfitted women prancing to violin strings.

The silverscreen and television have their share of talentless starlets who, despite their lack of acting prowess, still land roles. Paris Hilton, heiress and scandal tape actress, shot to super stardom overnight. However, no matter how many movies she makes or how many BFFs she finds and dumps, acting isn’t really something that she’s so hot at.

The real secret to their questionable success

Good looks that propel them to the sexual fantasies of the public are what keeps these so-called celebrities and performers afloat in the entertainment industry. Add to that juicy controversies, lies, and other salacious details, then you’ve got what it takes to be a star.

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