Do You Really Want To Be A Celebrity Personal Assistant?

There are many people who are impressed by celebrities. These stars may be actors and tv personalities, sports icons, political figures, and other people who were given some attention by the public.

Being an assistant to a big star, a celebrity personal assistant may feel that he or she shares in the stardom of his or her boss. Perhaps, being a personal assistant to a top-notch personality will make a person feel that he or she is above the level of ordinary celebrity assistants. And when personal assistants meet one another, the personal assistant of a respected person, say Oprah Winfrey, will feel that he or she is far better than that of the personal aide of a less popular talk show host.

Perks of being a celebrity personal assistant

* The salary

One of the best perks of being a personal assistant to a celebrity is the amount that you will earn. Depending on the job that your boss does, you can earn a lot each year.

* Live the lifestyle of the rich and famous

Would you like to fly in private planes, ride limousines, and be welcomed at private events? By simply being with your celebrity boss at all times (and that is actually, part of your job), you can get to experience the same luxurious privileges that he or she is experiencing.

* Meet other celebrities

You don’t really have to become a celebrity in order to rub shoulders with your idols. Just be there during the celebrity parties (again as part of your duties), and you can meet other hot celebrities you’ve been dreaming of seeing face-to-face.

Downside of being a celebrity personal assistant

* Work more than full time

As a celebrity personal assistant, you are expected to be there at all times for your boss. If there are things that your boss was not able to do – from signing autographs in private, sending out gifts and cards, placing phone calls, walking the dog, to attending his or her kids’ recitals – you are expected to fulfill them. And if the situation really calls for it, you might even have to impersonate your boss (just make sure that you can get away with it without getting caught).

* Missing your social life

If you work at this job, there is a greater risk of not being in touch with your personal responsibilities. You are so busy assisting your boss with his or her personal life that you start losing your personal life. There is one solution to this – hire a personal assistant to the celebrity personal assistant.

* A difficult boss

We’ve heard about celebrities getting into lots of trouble. If you’re one of their personal assistants, good luck. You’re going to get into a lot of trouble just to get them out of their own mess.

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