A Canadian’s Guide to the Cheapest Life Insurance Products

When it comes to life insurance, you should never scrimp. Fortunately, cheap life insurance products exist and they are often as reliable as the more expensive policies. Cheap life insurance is offered by traditional providers and by providers online. Here are some ways to look for cheap life insurance products.

Look for term life insurance.

For those who do no have the money but need a lot of coverage, term insurance is the best answer. Term insurance covers you for a specific period and is renewable after every term. Most term insurance are renewed in a yearly basis. However, the main drawback with term policies is that they do not provide cash value but only provide payment if you die.

Compare insurance companies.

Comparing insurance companies, from the rates they offer to the coverage and the reliability, is something every policy holder should do. Companies vary widely in the type of coverage they offer and in the discounts they give to people in a certain age group. Look for a company that offers competitive rates for people in your age group. There also are companies that offer a more specialized type of grouping policy holders together. For example, diabetics are not lumped in one single group but are divided into two: those who have their disease under control and those who do not.

Buy whole life policies.

This is often a more expensive choice but will prove to be cheaper in the long run. For those who want to buy a policy that will cover them for a long time, a whole life policy is the answer.

Switch insurance companies.

This is a technique that may help you get the lowest rates. Switching insurance providers after 4 or 5 years may give you the chance to snag very low rates because you are a new customer.

Be healthy.

This seems like a no brainer, but being healthy will predispose the insurance company to making more discounts available to you. If you exercise regularly, do not have a long history of illness or hospitalization, and you appear to be in good shape, an insurance company is likely to lower your premiums because you are less likely to get sick.

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