Hiding in the Hollywood Closet: Rumors About Famous Celebrities’ Sexuality

Though sexuality or gender preference is a widely accepted fact in Hollywood nowadays, years ago things were relatively different. There have been rumors regarding famous faces and names but nothing came into light until AIDS surged into the limelight in the 1980s. Add to that the images that actors had to build and maintain that gender preferences also had to be in line with what’s been promoted. However, others such as Rocky Hudson, Gore Vidal, and a few brazen others, bravely put up with the stigma that was then associated with homosexuals only to become icons for a great movement. Despite people having more accepting views nowadays, controversy still swirls around famous personalities who have come out of their closets.

What made Jodie Foster come out?

Jodie Foster was one of the golden children of cinema, having made a break playing a teenage prostitute in 1972’s Taxi Driver and going on to star in memorable movies such as Nell, Panic Room, and Nim’s Island among others. However, she has been tight-lipped when it came to her personal life. On December 2007, Foster made news when she publicly thanked movie producer Cydney Bernard, calling her “beautiful Cydney, who sticks with me through the rotten and the bliss.” Though no official or outright statement has been made, gossip rags and even reputable publications buzzed with her comment and light has been shed on Foster’s sexual preference. Though no statements have been released regarding her coming out, the main reason for her finally revealing her relationship with another woman is no mystery as Hollywood and the current society isn’t as condemning anymore.

Was Paul Newman a closet queen?

In the same league as iconic Rock Hudson, Paul Newman has also been rumored to have been gay. Paul Newman was a prolific actor who had a lot of awards for his work in the movies, but he’s also received a lot of flak regarding his sexuality. Despite having been married twice and staying for more than 50 years with his second wife Joanne Woodward, rumors of him being a closet queen circulated even back then. After Woodward hooked up with Newman, her ex-husband Gore Vidal lived with them throughout the 1950s. Relations with Robert Wagner and even Tom Cruise in the 1980s surfaced. Though Newman passed away in 2008, rumor mills kept churning out gossip about him as he was reportedly a staunch supporter of gay rights and same-sex marriage among other political agendas that he agreed with.

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