Canada’s Guide to Getting Life Insurance Savings

Life insurance is one of the major types of insurance that you should have. Life insurance may be a part of your job benefits, but you can also opt for taking out life insurance from a private provider on your own.

Don’t rely on job insurance.

Although many employers are required to provide life insurance to employees, you can lose these benefits once you lose your job. It is always a good idea to have supplementary insurance to cover you once you lose your job benefits. If you are currently employed, ask your employer if you can buy additional coverage. More often, you can buy a policy that is cheaper with the same coverage on your own.


You have the option of lowering your insurance premiums if you can haggle effectively. When it comes to health or life insurance, some providers up your premiums when you are found to be a smoker, someone who drinks alcohol or who likes to party during the weekends. However, some companies will lower your premiums if you know how to explain your side and if you are generally healthy.

Buy in bulk.

Buying multiple policies at once will give you lower premiums if you buy insurance which approach multiples of $250,000.

Get a specialist.

If you are suffering from an illness, approach insurance providers who can give you lower premiums because they categorize their policy holders into specific groups. For example, they do not categorize diabetics into one column, but instead group them into different categories, for diabetics who have the disease under control and for those who do not.

Know what kind you need.

There are many kinds of life insurance and some are cheaper than others. Term life insurance is basic and inexpensive. The premiums increase over time and have no cash value. Consider the term policy that you can convert to life. This is still inexpensive but you have the option to change when the need arises. You can also opt for whole life coverage with level premiums.

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