The Canadians Guide to Getting Cheap Pet Insurance

If you are looking for a good insurance coverage for your pet, you have a lot of options available. Pet insurance is one of the best ways to protect your pets from illness or injury. This type of insurance usually reimburses you after you have taken your pet to the vet, and how much you get back often depends on what is covered in your policy.

Before you go looking for cheap pet insurance, you need to know what areas need to be covered. Comprehensive pet insurance often covers diagnostic assessment, prescription medications, office appointments, lab exams, hospital stays, X-rays, and surgical procedures. Also consider the breed, the age, the genetic history of your pet, as well as its existing health conditions. For example, some policies may cover areas that are not applicable to your breed of dog or your type of pet, so you will ultimately be paying for coverage that you will never need. All these will have a bearing on the amount of payments you need to make.

Compare before you decide.

When it comes to choosing the best pet insurance, comparisons are a must. You may be paying for coverage that you can get for lower premiums if you go to another insurance provider.

Pay more in deductibles.

You can choose to pay more upfront in order to have to pay less in the event of a vet emergency. An upfront payment is also more convenient because you get to pay lower amounts each month.


Haggling is an effective tool for getting cheap pet insurance. As long as you know what coverage you need, you can approach the companies offering the insurance you want and start haggling.

It is important to keep the health of your pet the priority when looking at pet insurance. But if you want to save on costs, you can keep your pet safe while making some savings with these few tips.

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