Business Hack: Get Rich by Selling Fake Art

People like to spend a lot of their money on things that don’t necessarily matter much in daily life such as art pieces. Sure, you hang them on the wall, display it in it’s case, or put it in a special spot. But it doesn’t actually help you do your job, be a better parent, or cook your breakfast everyday.

However, there are people who find pleasure in looking or just owning such pieces of art, especially those that are made by famous artists. For them, the price is just right just to have that thing of beauty in their own homes. These are the kind of people who can easily be duped into buying fake art.

Of course, they may have the knowledge about the art that they’re purchasing, but fake art sellers still have the upper hand when it comes to conning them.

Using fake artist signatures

Names. Even in paintings where it’s the pictures that should count, the names of the artists are still important. Much like how a plain t-shirt is sold at an exorbitant price just because it’s an H&M or a Topman, people overlook the fact that it’s just a shirt. Paintings are the same, just paint on canvas that as long as it has that branding or scribbling at the bottom right of a famous artist, it can sell for a lot.

Since the authentic ones are really hard to come by, you could just make impressions of the works done by famous artists. Make sure to study the signatures and practice scribbling it out.

Once you’ve stamped that name on a painting, it can sell for a whole lot more. Just be sure to execute it cleanly so you won’t be questioned by an inquisitive buyer.

Tricks used by art forgers to get money from collectors

Looking for fake art to sell is pretty easy. You can look in books, catalogues, posters and even on the Internet. You can also scout thrift shops and antique stores for artwork that has that authentic aged look, but not the authenticity of a famous artist.

If these are copies of the works of famous artists, then all you need is the signature and the fancy frame to put it in. However, if you’re hardpressed for copies, look for those that are done in the same styles as those done of famous artists.

The best way to sell these rip-offs is through the Internet. EBay and other online auciton sites are havens both for art lovers and the fake art sellers who prey on them. Register in any of these sites and view the prices and the competition.

Once you’ve surveyed their marketing skills, develop some of your own.

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