Lose Weight with Activities from your Childhood

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You might be thinking that the only way to shed off those extra pounds is to get a membership to your local gym ASAP. However, in these tough times, no one wants to spend the extra time or the money on a gym.

More and more Canadians are taking matters into their own hands.

They do away with trainers who can’t always help and exercise on their own. If exercising is not your favorite word, don’t worry. There are still another fun options that can help you lose weight.

Even things you used to do as a child can help you shed those few unwanted pounds as an adult. Who knows, this can be the secret to fitting into those muscle shirts or finally getting into size zero!

Here are some fun options that you might want to try.

Jump rope

Ever wonder why kids stay as fit as they are?

It’s probably because most kids like to jump rope. Jumping rope is actually a fun exercise that is a favorite of tots and professional boxers alike.

The reason for this is simple: jumping rope is easy to do, you can do it anywhere, and it gives you a full body workout. You do not need sophisticated equipment to jump rope, just a sturdy piece of jumping rope that will cost you little. You can do this at home or at the office and even at hotels when traveling.

Best of all, you can jump rope as a group. How else can you burn 200 calories every 15 minutes while having good ol’ kiddy fun at the same time?


Dancing is known to have a wide range of health benefits. Different types of dance lessons and the practice and discipline required have countless benefits including improving posture, flexibility, strength, stamina and range of motion.

Beyond this, the crisp, precise movements of ballroom dance encourage proper body alignment and balance – all while providing an excellent cardio workout.


Few other kinds of exercise are as fun as riding a bike. Not only do you get to burn off a few unwanted pounds, but you also get to take in the scenery and fresh air (if you live in the country). It is easy to lose extra pounds when you are enjoying something, such as biking with a group of friends.

You can also use this activity as a substitute to riding the car or the bus. Not only can you shed a few pounds, but you can save on gas or bus fare as well.

Walk the dog

A commitment to walk your dog every day may help you lose more weight than a signed gym membership contract. Studies have shown that walking the dog for just 20 minutes daily can help you lose weight and make you less prone to use other means of transportation. It can also be great for you or your family’s mental well being.

Researchers have found out that people who walk their dogs on a regular basis not only strengthened their bonds with their canine friends, but it also acted as a catalyst for them to add more physical activities into their lives.

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