Tried and Tested Flirting Techniques in Alberta

The “Three Glance Rule” has been a tried and tested flirting technique over the years. What makes this simple flirting technique quite effective is the fact that there’s nothing too brazen about it and that physical contact is not necessary.

In fact, there’s no need for that at all, so the chances of getting embarrassed if you’re turned down are close to zero. Here’s how it’s done:

1. Assume that things are just accidental if you steal a glance at someone and that person glances back at you.

2. Continue staring, but make sure you do not appear stalker-like and malicious – practice a bit of obviousness and discretion combined.

If the person returns the favor this time, start flirting with your eyes and let the “checking out” game begin. Take the time to discreetly show your physical assets. For guys, flexing a muscle or flashing your most winning smile may just do the trick. For girls, the hair flip, leg cross, and the back arch should be unleashed. But whether you’re a guy or girl, make sure those moves are discreet, or you might be misconstrued as someone who’s too desperate to get a date.

3. If on the third glance, the person returns the favor by returning your glance, then you have hit the jackpot.

It would now be safe to approach the person and say hi without being rejected. However, be classy in your approach. There’s no need for cheesy pick-up lines or tacky openings. Just introduce yourself and see where the introduction leads.

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