Canadian Safety Tips when Meeting Your Online Date in Person

So, you’ve already made your profile in an online dating site. You finally get offers from a few guys who want to have a date with you, and there is one particular guy profile you got interested in. You set up a date with him and finally everything’s fixed and good to go.

As a girl meeting this guy for the first time, it is always good that you practice caution so that no untoward incident happens. For guys, you wouldn’t want to look creepy on your first date, so it is also wise to think of safety first before thinking of how you’re going to score bases on this girl.

Here are some tips for you to follow on your first date. Remember that these tips are applicable whether you end up liking your date or not.

1. Have your date at a neutral venue.

It should not be in a place near the guy’s, or the girl may be at a bigger risk of getting drugged or something bad might happen. It shouldn’t also be in a place where the girl is too well-known. The guy might end up as a stalker and fish information from the waiters or servers. It’s best to find a place that is popular and would be a good neutral territory for the both of you.

2. Don’t ask for your date’s address or any too personal information.

Girls, it doesn’t matter if you like this guy or not. He is still a stranger and he should not know where you live unless you get to know him better. Information such as your address could be known later. For guys, express a willingness to walk her home or give her a ride home, but you wouldn’t want to look like a stalker by asking about her address and any private details. Walk her to her car or hail a cab for her. Don’t insist on walking her to her doorstep if she refuses.

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