4 Things You *Must* Consider for Using Photos In Personal Ads

Photos are indeed important in your online dating profile. Many people would want to put a face to a name. Also, chances are, if you don’t have a photo of yourself in your profile, people may not bother reading what you’ve written in your profile. Also, if you were searching for a date online, the profiles that you would look at are those with photos, right?

Tips in choosing photos to place in your online dating profile

In no particular order, here’s some tips to make sure you’re using the right photos for your online dating profile:

#1 Be Recent

First, make sure that the photo is the latest photo of yourself.

Many people use the photos that were taken several years ago because they think that they appear better in these photos. If you and your date meet up, he or she may be surprised that you look way older than what he or she saw in your photo. While we’re all looking for the ‘wow’ factor, and in person meeting tells no lies. Besides, when it comes to love at first site, most times you just know.

Placing your latest photo always makes sure that the person will not be disappointed with the way you look if you do decide to meet up.

#2 Be Honest

Second, be honest about the details in your photo. Many people use digital software to manipulate their photos, resulting in photos that are way too flattering than what they really are. This again opens a situation ripe for disappointment if you and your date decide to meet up.

He or she may be turned off right away that you’re not honest about your looks. Also, manipulating your photos says a negative thing about your self-worth. Be confident!

#3 Use Context

Third, choose photos that show you in a wholesome situation. Photos that appear tasteless will definitely turn off potential dates because you may appear “easy” to them.

If you have hobbies, show yourself ‘in action’. If you list family as an important value, show photos of you engaged with your loved ones.

You get the idea.

#4 Smile!

While the internet dating world can’t seem to resist the ultra serious ‘mirror selfie’, these are almost universally touted as a massive turn off for both sexes.

Make sure that you smile in your photos. It is a known fact that people who smile in their photos tend to get more attention to their profiles, and subsequently more dates.

These are just a few tips that can really help your online dating profile.

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