The Canadian’s Guide to Getting Travel Insurance Discounts

Getting a travel insurance discount is often a requirement if you plan on travelling to far places. Travel insurance covers for lost baggage, damaged baggage, and medical emergencies. In order to get the most affordable travel insurance, here are some of the most useful tips.

Compare, compare, compare.

Compare insurance policies before buying one. Some providers are willing to throw in discounts if you tell them that you are also looking at other insurance policy providers. Also compare excess charges, which may be smaller in some companies.

Take multiple-trip insurance instead of a single policy.

A multi-trip policy comes with certain discounts given by most insurance companies.

Insure group trips.

Groups are often more likely to be given discounts compared to single travellers. An insurance company often gives discounts to groups that take out policies together. Joint coverage for couples will also make you eligible for discounts.

Consider annual coverage.

If you are considering taking multiple trips in a year, annual coverage is the way to go. It is way cheaper compared to getting your insurance package offered by the tour operator.

To ensure that you are covered for cancellation, book your travel insurance directly after booking your holiday. Also make sure that you are familiar with the insurer’s terms for cancellations. Look online for comparisons on travel coverage if you want to arrive at the most affordable ones. It is also helpful to take a cooling period before you actually buy the insurance in order to have more time for you to decide if the policy covers your needs or not. Medical coverage is essential if you are travelling to another country. Also check, prior to travelling, if the insurance company will require you to pay for medical bills and other fees upfront and then reimburse you, or whether the policy kicks in immediately or not.

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