Seatbelts: Still Saving Lives


Many underestimate the safety power of a seatbelt. Often, drivers and passengers forget to put it on, assuming the ride will go on smoothly. However, you can reduce the risk of death to 47 percent by wearing a seatbelt.

You never know when an accident will strike – that is why you must act cautious at all times.

Wearing a Seatbelt

Apart from wearing a seatbelt, you must also make sure the seatbelts attached are working properly. Make sure the attachment is tight enough and will prevent you from strong collisions during sudden breaks. Remember that the body goes at the average speed of the car.

Any sudden changes and your body will still maintain that speed, resulting in what we perceive as a ‘sudden jolt.’ Wearing a secure seatbelt ensures that you will stop when needed and can avoid further injury.

Many lives have been saved simply because the passengers had a seatbelt wrapped around his or her body. Children, in particular, should be educated on the importance of the car seat & seatbelt. Their tendency to move around and play in the car makes them more vulnerable to accidents. Many popular stores in Canada sell specialty chairs and seatbelts that are tailored specifically for a baby to a toddler’s size.

Drive Safe

Having a seatbelt on is best complemented by following the road’s speed limits. Sudden shifts in speed are another cause of accidents, so it’s important for drivers to maintain a velocity that will not harm the passengers. Road etiquette is another important matter. Do not forget to signal the cars near you so that turns are executed properly and no unexpected collisions occur.|2011-06-07

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