Registering Your Vehicle After Moving from Another Province

Moving is a stressful business on it’s own, and moving between provinces comes with a whole new set of matters that must be taken care of. One of those concerns is changing the registration on your vehicle to your destination provinces’ registration.

Dealing with registries is typically something people try to avoid, however it is important to properly register your vehicle after an out of province move.

To help organize the process for you, here is an outline of the process of registering your vehicle in the province of Alberta after moving from another province.

Required Documents

To save yourself time and stress, ensure you bring all proper documents to the registry the first time around. To register an out of province vehicle in Alberta, you will need to bring: the vehicle, an Alberta address, proof of Alberta insurance, bill of sale agreement (for newly purchased vehicles), proof of BC or Saskatchewan registration (for BC or SK residents hoping to avoid the vehicle inspection), and photo ID.

The Inspection

Unless a vehicle is newly purchased, or was previously registered in British Columbia or Saskatchewan, every vehicle being registered from out of province must pass a full inspection from a licensed inspections facility before license plates will be issued.

If the vehicle was purchased no longer than 90 days prior to seeking registration, and the bill of sale is in your name, you should be approved to be exempt from the inspection.

Similarly, if you are moving from BC or Saskatchewan, and your vehicle is one of the last 4 years models, or has been inspected within the last 90 days, you also should be approved for inspection exemption.

Despite these qualifications, if your car is rebuilt, right hand drive, non-repairable, a salvage car, a kit car, a custom build, or is lifted or lowered, you automatically do not qualify to skip the inspection.


If you do not qualify for exemption, the inspection process is as follows:

  • Purchase an out-of-province inspection request form (be sure to bring proof of vehicle ownership with you)
  • Make an appointment with a mechanic (check AMA and the AB government lists of approved inspection facilities)
  • Following a passed inspection, you will receive an Out of Province Vehicle Inspection Certificate, that is valid for 14 days (you will then provide this to the registry)

As you may see, registering your vehicle in Alberta after moving from another province is an added process that will take some time and effort.

However, if your vehicle is new or you are from BC or Saskatchewan, you may be able to skip the inspection process, which will make the registration much quicker.

Either way, it is important to go to your nearest registry as soon as you can after moving into Alberta, and figure out what is necessary to get your car registered.

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