Is Fort McMurray Still A Destination For Work & Play?


Are you considering relocating to Fort McMurray? Or do you currently live in Fort McMurray and are wondering if the grass may be greener somewhere else?

Read on to find out why many believe Fort McMurray is the best place to call home.


Location is very important in choosing a place to live in. Before relocating to a new place, you need to find as much information as you can about it. Or before deciding to finally settle in a specific place and buy a house, you must take into consideration many things like its environment, economy, and facilities. Here are the reasons why Fort McMurray must be on top of your list.


Fort McMurray is set amidst forests and four rivers. The place has a magnificent view of lush greeneries and bodies of water. It is a multicultural community with an ever increasing population made up of Canadians and foreign immigrants. As for its climate, Fort McMurray is known for very cold long winters, which last for 8 months, and fairly hot short summers.


The economy of a place is very important. Economy affects people’s lives on a daily basis. Job security and prices of consumer goods, real estate, and many others depend on the economy. If a place’s economy is down, prices of everything usually go up. And job opportunities are down. Therefore, if you are a resident or a would-be resident of Fort McMurray, knowing about its economic conditions is very important.

In the previous decade, Fort McMurray experienced its biggest economic growth as it saw a tremendous growth in its oil sands industry. It became a boomtown as its oil sands companies created thousands of job opportunities. In fact, Fort McMurray was also known as Fort McMoney. Oil sands employees are known to receive hefty salaries. Although the cost of living in Fort McMurray was considered high, thousands of Albertans and foreigners were being attracted by its tremendous economic growth.

Countries across the globe were affected when the economic recession began. Fort McMurray was no exception. But the good news is that according to economists, Fort McMurray is handling the recession a lot better than the rest of Canada. Unemployment rate is only at 3.6%. Although the economy is not growing as fast as it did years before the recession, there is still growth. There are still many job opportunities in Fort McMurray.

Oil, being a pricey and high-demand commodity, has put Fort McMurray in a very stable economy. There can be ups and downs but Fort McMurray has proven its ability to weather a recession.


Fort McMurray has public school and catholic school districts for students in the primary, elementary, and secondary education levels. It has colleges and universities as well. Fort McMurray has many hospitals and medical clinics. Not to mention recreation centers like parks, museums, golf courses, art galleries, and many more.

All these make Fort McMurray a great place to call home.

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