DIY Versus Hiring a Renovations Contractor: How to get the Best of Both Worlds

There are some folks who say that 50% of the renovation contractor’s costs could be saved by doing everything yourself.

If the renovation is basically a simple painting job, then you and a couple of neighbors could probably do it. With any luck, you might be able to save some serious cash.

Major Renos

However, if it is a major renovation, such as a bathroom renovation, you will likely need to hire someone who has technical skills in most or all of the following: ventilation, floors, insulation, plumbing lines, and electrical wiring.

In many home renos there exists the possibility to balance the best of both worlds: Combine cost-efficient strategies with the hiring of experts. For everything you hate or can’t do, let the contractor and his or her team deal with such tasks. You could then commit to the tasks you think you could carry out without difficulty.

There is always a middle ground when deciding on whether to do the renovation project yourself or hire a contractor. You could actually do some work yourself, while at the same time, hire a professional contractor. In a bathroom installation project for example, the owner could easily install lights, while the hired contractor would do all the complex tasks.


Another important aspect is that some renovation plans need permits to be started. The contractor knows all the nitty-gritty when it comes to permits and inspections, and you probably don’t. In popular Canadian cities such as Edmonton, Basement renovations with require special permissions and approval from the city.

As a DIY project, be reminded that if you have a day job, it might force you to take some days off from work to get all permitting done during business hours.

Common Sense

Remember that a renovation project is not exactly a kid’s game because it would take some time. If you are an office worker from 9am to 6pm, would you still have the strength to do those tedious tasks when renovating your home?

If you think you don’t have the strength and time to help out in the renovation project, it’s best to leave it at the hands of your contractor.

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