You Know You’re an Online Game Addict If…

If your existence has been sustained by soda, potato chips, and Chinese take-out, you could just be surviving a horrible break-up. But if you can barely scoop up enough chips into your mouth because your hand has trouble unfurling, then perhaps it’s a case of getting too hooked on online games. Much like smoking addicts, gamers are often in denial that the past-time has inadvertently turned into a vice. Some signs one can look out for when suspecting online gaming addiction are reality and game life seamlessness, disconnection from human contact, and certain health red flags.

Reality and game life seamlessness

Online game addicts are those whose digital and physical lives have fused so much that they no longer think of themselves as programmer extraordinaire, but as sorceress or Amazon. They look forward to the day they can buy normal world items such as a new car or house in a payment plan that is not in dollars but in mesos or gold.

Disconnection from human contact

Gaming addicts can do away with their dining tables since majority of their meals are eaten in front of the computer. Family members know enough not to get in the way of a gaming addict and a nearly-completed level. Although not thoroughly documented, this has been known to increase blood pressure and cause undue stress in many gaming addict residences. Online gamers tend to hole up and devote all concentration to the game in play so much that it becomes all they think about.

It can even be compared to how much time the United Nations devote to thinking about peace. When they do initiate a conversation with partners or family members, it is to convince them to play as well. When unsuccessful, they feel aggravated. However, they can forget much of their frustration and disappointments when already logged in to their online games of choice.

Health red flags

Even when one is mentally in denial, the body does its part in hollering for help. Gaming addicts usually experience carpal tunnel, lower back and neck spasms, pulsating eye muscles due to strain, restlessness when not in play, and a sense of euphoria when playing.

If some or more of the signs above made you laugh at their absurdity and think, “that’s SO not me!” while nagging doubts continue to lurk in the gray part of your brain, then it’s time to pull the plug and spend some quality time in the real world.

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