Transform Your Room into a Haunted Place through Scary Transforming Works of Art

Stripes and flower prints are so over. It’s time to liven up your room by throwing in the wildcard. When your friends come over, trust that they won’t stop looking at your wall art. You can hang scary transforming works of art on your wall or even better, prop them up on your dresser. However, in order to best experience the full effect, the rest of the room should undergo a make-over as well. After all, you can’t have Mona Lisa-turned-zombie with pastels and butterflies.

Setting the stage for your creepy art

Painting your room black is overrated and predictable. Choose other dark hues such as gray or deep purple as a background. Make sure your furniture either looks old or painted in dark colors as well. For ambience, play children’s music or piano playing. Don’t make the mistake of propping up dummies of zombies and the like. Trust me, it’ll backfire on you. As for bed covers, go for smooth satin. It would help if you keep the stuffed animals in storage for now.

The beauty of creepy, transforming art

Once you have all the elements in place, you’re ready to put in the focal point of your creepy bedroom—art using lenticular lens. These are seemingly harmless portraits that suddenly transform into grotesque living dead when viewed from another angle. The best starting point is to find an old photograph, preferably done in antique form. It’s the lenticular lens mounted to a computer interlaced print that creates the effect of the shifting image. The exact steps on how to achieve this requires computer graphics lessons to ensure you get it right.

Master of lenticular lens

Canadian artist Jillian Mcdonald has an entire exhibit “Waking the Dead” displayed in the Brooklyn. ‘Zombie Portraits’ feature Jillian and her friends as zombies in a series of lenticular photographs. She is known for staging life-like exhibitions of her portraits at the gallery during Halloween. There are some artists who are known creators of ‘haunted portraits. Some of them even offer a series of limited edition portraits that they run as a family business. Their families help in building the ghoulish story behind the portraits, which adds to the eerily lifelike quality.

Lenticular photographs are not for the faint of heart. It is suggested that you think long and hard before bringing this into your home, lest paranoia creeps in and makes you think the photo may actually be alive.

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