Paris Hilton: Has Her Self-Proclaimed Celebrity Status Finally Faded?

The color pink, chihuahuas, and blonde hair received renewed attention once multi-millionnaire hotel heiress Paris Hilton and her lifestyle went into the public eye. Hilton has done modeling, acting, and singing, and is considered as one of the most prominent socialites of the decade. However, critics have labeled her as “famous for being famous,” citing that her acting and singing skills are not worthy of attention as her looks and heritage. Hilton is also famous for being in a sex video which was widely circulated on the Internet and even in DVD.

Creating her own media hype

Good looks (and the billions of dollars to her heritage) may have been her best assets. However, Hilton isn’t perceived nicely by most people. Hilton’s persona revived the iconic dumb-blonde image but with a power that comes from being rich and famous. Since she’s not that bad-looking and because of her willingness to be in the public eye, the public in turn laps up every tidbit about her. And she’s loving it. The furor caused by her sex video did nothing to ruffle her pretty blonde head, but instead fanned the flames for the public’s obsession to see into the lives of the rich and famous. Though she had been dabbling in the fashion and entertainment scene, what catapulted her to stardom was her reality series with then best friend Nicole Richie. Hollywood is putty to someone who was as moneyed as she was.

Crashing through the gates of Hollywood

After the reality series, the public wanted more of Paris, and she was more than just willing to give them what they wanted. The papparazzis were on her trail everywhere she went, capturing every moment of shopping, strolling with a different boyfriend, and walking down the red carpet every other night. Movies were not far behind and she appeared in a few. Though her acting talent wasn’t something to be thrilled about, her mere presence in the cast was enough for the movie to be noticed. Soon she went into singing by releasing an album and even starring in a musical.

Partying and socializing may be her main skills, but on the side, she’s also a good businesswoman. She’s launched a line of perfume, clothes, accessories, dog costumes, and even digital interactive games for cellphones. But what does she need the income for when she’s already rich just by being born? Maybe the reason why everybody seems to hate her is because deep down in all of us, we want to lead the simple life like hers, one where chihuahuas, designer clothes, jewels, money, and handsome men are all within reach, without even lifting a finger.

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