Outrageous Hollywood Beauty Secrets

Beauty knoweth no pain so goes the age-old adage when it comes to describing some of the arduous methods used by every female to groom herself. Women put themselves at the risk of sharp razors, tight corsets, stinging acid-like toners, and even the ocassional major cosmetic surgical operation all in the pursuit of beauty. Though some of these methods have been proven to help aid in making one pretty, there are other methods that may seem very extreme or out of the ordinary. Even world-famous celebrities such as Demi Moore and Christie Brinkley have these little beauty secrets that may leave one disgusted, surprised, or enlightened.

Leech therapy of Demi Moore

Those who idolized the Brat Pack of the 1980s would certainly remember the Demi Moore who wowed them in the movies St. Elmo’s Fire and even Ghost. However, those who idolized her in the 1980s aren’t as lucky as Demi who seems to have retained every youthful curve and glide in her body. The secret to Demi’s rocking bod isn’t just her youthful prankster of a new husband Ashton Kutcher, but also a weird beauty therapy that may leave some a little bit lightheaded, literally. Leeches are Demi’s new best friends, who has undergone the procedure of letting leeches suck some blood out of her to detoxify her. Demi went to Austria for a little R&R and tried out the leech treatment. After shaving and getting rid of all bodily hair, she soaked herself up in turpentine until the sting sets in. Afterwards, they let the little specially-bred suckers onto her body. Demi described the bite as painful at first but since leeches have a natural analgesic venom to their bite, the pain lapses. These little doses of the leeches’ venom goes through one’s system, making one feel better and healthier. After the leeches have had their fill, they just roll off to the side and disengage.

Christie Brinkley’s kitty litter scrub

Supermodel Christie Brinkley has a more friendly but just as weird beauty secret to her soft and flawless skin. Once, when she ran out of her expensive and tried and tested exfoliant, she came across a new and unopened bag of kitty litter in her closet. After close scrutiny of the ingredients and seeing it has mainly clay in it, she gave it a try. The clay particles worked perfectly to scrub away rough dead skin and deep-seated particles while the minerals in it apparently gave her more supple and smooth skin. She now swears by clean kitty litter once every week to soften her skin up.

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