May-December Affair: Is it true love for Hollywood couples?

They say that love is powerful enough to move mountains and span oceans. Apparently, it’s also strong enough to bridge a big chasm that is the age gap between two people. Older men dating younger women and older women going out with younger men used to raise eyebrows in the off-chance that these liaisons occurred. However, in Hollywood, anything is possible and is easier to accept.

Top 5 May-December romance in Hollywood

Katie Holmes got to be that lucky girl when she got to marry the guy in the posters on her bedroom wall, Tom Cruise. The 16-year age difference doesn’t seem to bother them, as Katie seems to have imparted a sense of youthfulness to Tom. Their three-year-old daughter Suri is one lucky child to be a product of such a happy union.

Indiana Jones may have hung up his whip and hat due to his age, but that hasn’t stopped him from finding true love with Calista Flockhart who played quirky and young female lawyer Ally McBeal. The 22 years between their ages is not a hindrance to their relationship.

Imagine seeing your hot actor crush in your living room, but instead of picking you up, he’s there to see your hot-for-her-age single mom. That’s what Rumer Willis, daughter to 47-year old Demi Moore must have felt when she learned that Ashton Kutcher was dating her mom. Ashton and Demi have a 15-year age difference but they have been happily married for the past three years.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have an exact 25 years between them while sharing birthdays. The dusky actress who first made waves in Zorro has been happily married to the prolific Douglas acting scion since 2000.

The movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” may have been the catalyst for the romance between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, despite Pitt being married at the time. Now, nothing stands between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie but love, six kids, and a twelve-year age difference. The dashing duo sure do make a handsome couple, and their three biological kids are lucky to share the gene pool with such good-looking parents.

Are they a match made in heaven or just another fad in Hollywood?

Each May-December pairing sure do get their share of ups and downs. However, their relationships should be viewed as special, not only because of the age issue, but because of the love that keeps them going. And all this in Hollywood, where everything is always under scrutiny even amidst the flashes of bright lights.

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