Hollywood Obsession to Size “Zero”

In many countries, women chose their clothing sizes according to the size numbers. Instead of labeling dresses as small, medium, large or extra large, clothing sizes in North America and Europe use size numbers to designate clothing sizes.

In North America, women’s clothes may be labeled from size 2 to 24, with size 2 having the smallest measurements. While the sizes used to be based in the US standard clothing sizes, clothing companies are now usually basing their sizes on the catalog sizes. Comparing the US catalog sizes with that of the standard sizes, the catalog sizes are six units smaller than the standard.

Many people observe that the prevalent use of the US catalog sizes is due to vanity sizing. The normal clothing size adjusts from year to year. For example, the waist size of a standard dress in 1984 was 63.5 centimeters, while twenty years later, the standard waist size of a dress is at seventy centimeters. The increase in waist measurements may be attributed to the increase in the average body measurements of the public. But, although the average waist measurements of women tend to increase, many would still want to appear thin despite the change in the waist measurement. Clothing companies solved this problem by changing the measurements for each clothing size.

What does size zero mean?

However, there are also women who no longer fit the clothing size scale. They are so thin that the smallest catalog size, size 2, is still too big for them. This situation has led clothing companies to offer sizes that are smaller than size two, thus, giving birth to size zero and size double zero.

Why is being outrageously thin “in” in Hollywood?

The issue on the existence of size zero and why it seems to be the “in” thing in Hollywood has sparked a lot of controversy among American showbiz personalities. It has been a belief that thin women look better in whatever they wear. Actresses and models such as Kate Moss, Nicole Kidman, Keira Knightley, and Calista Flockhart became the standard of beauty and poise that many women, in Hollywood and elsewhere, seek to achieve the same figure that these famous celebrities have – even if that means starving themselves to death.

Celebrities who had eating disorders

Many women who are willing to give up everything that it takes to fit into a size zero dress end up being obsessed about dieting that they end up with eating disorders.

Victoria Beckham, Elisa Donovan, Mary Kate Olsen, and Nicole Richie are just some of the stars that were rumored to have asked for help regarding their eating disorders. However, since these celebrities are so thin because they barely eat, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to call their predicament as “non-eating disorders?”

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