Entertainment Gadgets to Play with to Help Escape Boredom

Although many are content with forming marshmallow rabbits and cottony birds by staring at the passing clouds, some would prefer to while away their time engaged in some form of brain productivity. As we all know, there are times when playing Solitaire with a deck of cards or counting backwards in French accent just won’t do. Thankfully, there are electronic games and other gadgets that are being made seemingly on a daily basis purely for our entertainment and pleasure. These gadgets have good answers on how to escape boredom that seem to make us depressed every once in a while.

The Excalibur Electronic New York Times Touch Sudoku

For the weary traveler whose connecting flight has been delayed because of yet another civil unrest in his or her destination, The New York Times Touch Sudoku is a favorite travel gadget. This handheld device features more than 800 puzzles and saves games in its memory. Its ergonomic, lightweight design makes it fit comfortably into one’s backpack flap or back pocket (assuming the traveler is wearing one of the trendier styles that have gaping pockets). Only 2 AAA batteries are needed to be entertained for hours.

Philips Go Gear Flash

Boredom often besets men outside dressing rooms all around Canada. So instead of parroting the obligatory “You’re beautiful!” line to your gal or wife, get busy with a Philips Go Gear Flash. This waiting room friend is an audio video player that can store four hours worth of videos. One can now tote around the full-length films such as the “Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring” and episodes of some TV shows, while still having plenty space left over for more than 1,000 songs. Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers? Four80East? Nelly Furtado? One doesn’t have to choose and can now have it all.

Magic 8 Ball

As we know, boredom can easily set in on any balmy Saturday night at home, when there’s nothing on television and one is on stealth mode from overbearing friends. So why not go on a decision-making spree, devoid of the tedious process of facts-gathering and weighing pros and cons? The Magic 8 Ball has the answer. Our friends from Mattel manufactured this decision-making device (that can answer strictly only Yes or No questions) providing ten Yeses, 5 Nos, and another 5 non-committal answers. There is no more reason to be both indecisive and bored. With all these nifty gadgets out there, twiddling your thumbs will definitely be a last resort.

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