Why Use Canadian Made Products?

It is easy to shop without regards to where our products are made. Perhaps we shop for what is cheapest, or maybe what is most convenient. But where do these cheap and convenient products come from?

If the products you are buying are made outside of Canada, consider why you purchased the particular item you did, and then compare it with a similar Canadian made product that you could have purchased instead.

There are a number of companies within Canada producing all types of consumer goods that you could need or want, and there are many reasons why we should choose to support these local Canadian businesses.

Supporting local businesses will help improve our economy, it is more beneficial to our environment, and it ensures we are supporting businesses with moral and ethical standards.

Good for Our Economy

It is not news that the economy is not at its best. However, within the last few years, the movement to support local businesses and purchase local made products has aided the economy in multiple ways.

The most important aspect of purchasing local is that it creates jobs. The higher the demand for these local products and services, the more hands these companies are going to need to employee to keep up with the demand.

Not only does it help with jobs, but supporting local companies also aids in supporting our local communities and helps put money back into our own economy.

Good for the Environment

Companies are becoming more and more cognizant of their impact on our ever-important environment. Many Canadian companies are showcasing their efforts to keep their practice as green as possible, and keep their statistics, progress, and plans available for consumers to see, which helps keep them accountable.

Canada’s High Labour Standards

Canada’s manufacturing companies have strictly regulated factors that they must abide by regarding aspects such as working conditions. This means the workers producing our goods are treated fairly and are working in safe and sanitary conditions.

Many goods available from foreign countries are produced by children or by workers making little to no money in very poor working conditions. Take a stance against these situations by supporting companies that care about their workers.

Buy Canadian!

As you can see, buying locally made Canadian products has more positives than you may have thought. Not only is it good for our economy, Canadian companies are also quite conducive to environmentally friendly practice and high labour standards.

While other countries may produce more affordable products, they may not meet these same standards and qualities that Canadian products offer. Support the environment, the workers, and our economy by buying Canadian!

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