Top Canadian Mutual Funds

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There are many considerations in selecting the top Canadian mutual funds. You can grade top Canadian mutual funds based on returns, investment values, performance ratings, and efficiency.

One of the leading ways to grade top Canadian mutual funds is through returns.

Returns from top Canadian mutual funds pertain to how much you get back for your investments, after a set period of time. Here are some of the top Canadian mutual funds in terms of returns:

1. Mawer New Canada Fund – This is one of the best performing top Canadian mutual funds. Returns from this mutual funds over a five year period offer considerable gains. This fund is put in common shares of corporations in Canada with more or less $500 million shareholders’s equity.

2. Concordia Special Growth Fund – Five-year annualized returns from this top Canadian mutual funds option can reach a significant percentage. This mutual fund has a diversified portfolio of equity securities. Its goal is for long-term growth by investing in companies with high potential for growth and low capitalization.

3. Empire Small Cap Equity Fund – Class A – This top Canadian mutual funds option offers promising five-year annualized returns. Its goal is for long term investment growth through capital appreciation.

4. GGOF Canadian Large Cap Equity Fund – The five-year annualized return for this top Canadian mutual funds option reaches a significant percentage. They invest mainly in Canadian equities and equity-related securities in companies that have huge market capitalization. The goal of this mutual fund is for long-term growth via capital appreciation.

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