The Perfect Host: Selecting A Hosting Plan For Your Edmonton Small Business

What are the benefits of going for Edmonton web hosting?

Going for Edmonton web hosting or a local Edmonton service provider provides a number of benefits.

For one, Edmonton service providers are usually composed of a talented team of local experts who are capable and willing to offer services to YEG business owners who might be interested in staying local. This can be a difference maker when and if things go sideways.

Also, Canadian web sites are supported and trusted by Canadians, not only because these are Canadian sites, but also because Canadian web sites provide them with a number of benefits. Canadian web users feel safer with Canadian hosted web sites as these are covered by the laws of Canada.

Also, there are no exchange rate issues compared to those hosting plans south of the border. This can be a difference maker when rates close in on 40%. Ouch!

Long term commitment

Since web hosting is typically a long term commitment, and you’re consequently be paying for the hosting services for that same period, it is important that you make sure that your are dealing with the right service provider.

SEO Benefits

Many SEO experts believe that there may be a minor correlation that certain Geographical factors (Canadian Data centers, Canadian IPs, .CA domains) may influence search ranking factors. To that end, hosting your website in an Edmonton data center may have benefits to your SEO in Edmonton. Users in Edmonton, finding a website hosted in Edmonton. Makes sense, right?

Parting Thoughts

Regardless of where you host, make sure that the service provider is reliable and legitimate. With no shortage of scams around, you wouldn’t want your business to suffer.

Also, different providers make use of different types of servers, so do think about the kind of server that best suits your needs and preferences. Once you’ve decided, you can now scout for the service provider that has the best features, the worthiest price, and the best security.

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