The Canadian’s Guide to Getting Cheap Business Insurance

Insurance helps make sure that you can get through tough business times. With the right business insurance, you are more prepared to face the unexpected. Insurance for business covers anything from business interruption, damage or loss of tools and equipment, insurance of business content, legal expenses and the like. If you are on the market for cheap business insurance, here are some things to make this search successful.

Know which type of business insurance you need.

Most insurance providers have specific packages tailored to your type of business and these usually cover the needs specific to your business.

Know your eligibility for discounts and for deductibles.

You will find that premiums for fire, casualty, and burglary of business property are deductible for tax purposes as trade or business expenses. If you are self-insured, all payments made into the self-insurance will not be tax deductible.

Write down your expectations.

Before sitting down to purchase your business insurance, you should have a clear list of expectations. This way, you leave with a policy that covers all that needs to be insured in your business.


Have brokers bid for your business insurance to get the best deal possible. Use direct agents and independent agents to get the widest array of choices possible. Check your policies to avoid duplication and overlap. In certain cases, you might have duplicate coverage, which will leave you paying for coverage and wasting money on something you won’t be using.

Finally, employ loss prevention and risk reduction measures.

These will usually encourage your provider to drop your insurance premiums. These include installing fire alarm systems, installing fire proofing materials, isolating and storing fire hazards where they are least likely to catch on fire, using a sprinkler system, and using anti-theft devices. Business owners are also encouraged to purchase a secure safe and to use tamper-proof locks. Keeping the business area well-lighted and employing a night watchman will also lower your premiums considerably.

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