Exploring The Different Employment Opportunities in Alberta’s Oil Industry in 2017

alberta oil and gas jobs

Alberta is known as the energy province of Canada. This because Alberta produces around 80% of Canada’s natural gas and 55% of its crude oil.

In fact, Alberta has one of the largest proven concentration of oil in the world.

The biggest reservoir of oil in this province is in Northern Alberta. The Oil sands are located mostly here and Northern Alberta generates 13.1 billion dollars annually via this.

Employment opportunities in the oil industry

Because of Alberta’s abundance in oil, it is a land of opportunities for those who are seeking employment in the oil industry. The government and the private industry allocate millions of dollars for research regarding the oil sands in this province.

According to recent reports, there is billions of dollar worth of budget for oil sand investment. This data only means that Alberta is still in need of staff for the different positions in its oil industry.

Different jobs in Alberta

There are various positions available under Alberta’s oil industry. The expanding research and technology for the oil sand projects make Alberta a place where you will find jobs related to research. There is also demand for various positions such as geologists, tradespeople, sales representatives, drillers, welders, and administrative officers.

Working in the oil industry of Alberta can be rewarding. However, it is not always easy; at times, it can be dangerous too. Job difficulties comes in the long hours of work, frequent relocation, and the dangers of the work environment, especially with oil mining and excavation.

But if you are looking for a job that offers an above average pay and competitive employee benefits, the inconveniences may be a small price to pay when working in the oil industry.

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